In safe hands

    Once CTA your air-conditioning units, chillers or heat pumps are installed and in operation, our service team will ensure they run perfectly and optimally for years to come.


    There for you, 24/7, 365 days a year

    CTA service technicians are there for you and your customers. Whatever the system or refrigerant, our specialists are trained and equipped to handle it.

    +41 31 720 10 00  (german)

    +41 21 654 99 00  (french)

    Please have the following information available when reporting a fault:

    • unit name and serial number

    • fault type

    • fault code from the unit display

    • property address

    • invoicing address

    • how to access the system

    • contact person (incl. telephone number)


    Need a replacement part?

    Need a new filter or another replacement part for your CTA unit? Just give us a call:

    +41 31 720 10 00

    Service contracts and warranty extensions

    We offer your customers a variety of service contracts. Regular servicing leads to flawless operation, an extended service life and reduced maintenance costs. Our customers are happy, and you will be too.

    Advice on service contracts and warranty extensions for air-conditioning/refrigeration systems

    Sascha Aeschbacher-Hefti DSC0458_1000x667

    Sascha Aeschbacher-Hefti

    Sales Representative System Maintenance


    +41 31 720 10 22

    Replacement unit for air-conditioning/refrigeration systems

    At the end of an air-conditioning/refrigeration system’s service life, the unit must be dismantled and the potential for a replacement explored. Replacement projects pose their own particular challenges and requirements, whether this is replacement during ongoing operation or insertion into confined spaces.

    Support team for large system servicing and servicing contracts

    Adolf Weber DSC0444_1000x667

    Adolf Weber

    Head of System Replacement and Maintenance


    +41 31 720 24 11

    Thomas Flück DSC0446_1000x667

    Thomas Flück

    German-speaking Switzerland, Swiss Mittelland


    +41 31 720 10 54

    Matthias Grossenbacher DSC0470_1000x667

    Matthias Grossenbacher

    German-speaking Switzerland, Swiss Mittelland


    +41 31 720 10 14

    Helmut Grob DSC0425_1000x667

    Helmut Grob

    Eastern Switzerland


    +41 31 720 10 38

    cta wärmepumpen Gnenrationen Natur Schweiz

    Are you looking for domestic heat pump servicing information?

    You can find our service offers here


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