New «Aeroheat Livera CL» heat pump with natural refrigerant

A new product in our range is the inverter-controlled, externally installed air/water heat pump with a heat output of between 5 and 8 kW. This heat pump with the natural refrigerant propane is easy to install and flexible in terms of hydraulic integration. It is suitable for new buildings as well as renovations. Up to four units can be cascaded. Active cooling is possible with this appliance after prior clarification.

The new heat pump «Aeroheat Livera CL»

  • Natural refrigerant propane (R-290)

  • High flow temperatures of up to 70 °C

  • Easy to install and flexible hydraulic integration

  • Heating output from 5 - 8 kW (inverter-controlled) 

  • Low-noise operation incl. silent mode

  • Active cooling if equipped with CL Livera 1 wall-mounted controller

High flow temperatures

Owing to its flow temperature of up to 70 °C, the heat pump is fit for use wherever high water temperatures are required.

Easy installation and hydraulic integration

Ready-made electric and hydraulic connector sets and various brackets for easy installation. 

Low-noise operation plus Silent Mode feature

Its workmanship ensures low-noise and low-vibration operation, which is further enhanced by the on-board Silent Mode feature. 

Four indoor units to choose from

Four different indoor units accurately designed to fit the entire heating system for flexible hydraulic integration. The system includes one wall-mounted control unit, two hydraulic modules and one hydraulic tower. The indoor units feature a weather-compensated heating and heat pump control unit with fully graphic display.

The two wall-mounted hydraulic modules and the hydraulic tower with domestic hot water tank are ready to connect and fully insulated. The system is equipped with an energy-efficient circulating pump, expansion tank, emergency heating element, flow sensor and heat quantity recorder. A safety component, shut-off ball valves, a return sensor, an outdoor temperature sensor and mounting hardware are included as standard.

The wall-mounted control unit package contains an energy-efficient circulating pump, a flow and return sensor, an outdoor temperature sensor and mounting hardware.

Heating in winter, cooling in summer

Apart from heating and warm water generation, the heat pump is also designed to provide active cooling in summer, provided that the technical details have been discussed beforehand.

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