Living in and with nature

Eleven buildings with a total of 110 flats. This is "Les Rives de Bramois" in Sion. Remarkably, the buildings only account for 20% of the site area. The remaining 80% are sustainable green spaces and places for non-motorised traffic.
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One CTA heat pump per building provides a cosy atmosphere. Photo: Thomas Masotti for Roman SA

Being part of nature

The bees are buzzing and humming on this warm early summer's day. These bees are part of the green spaces that have been created according to the permaculture principle. Living in harmony with nature is not just an empty phrase here, but is realised wherever possible. The new housing estate is designed with nature and sustainability in mind. As a result, not only bees and other animal species have been living here since 2022, but also families, singles and couples. A total of 110 private homes with 1 to 5.5 rooms are located in these eleven buildings. School, shopping facilities, hospital, cycle paths and public transport are in the immediate vicinity, and Sion train station is just four kilometres away.

Focus on building materials

The three-storey buildings are impressive in terms of architecture, choice of building materials and building technology. Most of the flats have spacious terraces, loggias or gardens where you can relax and enjoy the view out to the surrounding Alps. The functional and efficient building complexes are built in traditional concrete construction with rear-ventilated rock wool insulation. The façade is clad in wood. Sustainable energy generation was also important. On the one hand, the latest generation of air/water heat pumps provide heating for the flats and hot water. On the other hand, the photovoltaic system supplies the required electricity.


One heat pump is placed on the roof of each apartment block. Photo: Thomas Masotti for Roman SA 

Socialising through communal areas

The buildings only make up 20 per cent of the total site area. The remaining 80 per cent is deliberately set aside for communal areas, natural spaces and soft mobility. This promotes sociability and interaction in the neighbourhood. At the same time, people can retreat into their own four walls. Fruit, vegetables and other plants are grown in permaculture-style community gardens. A specialist advises and supports the residents. Beehives are part of this ecologically healthy system that preserves biodiversity and brings joy to the residents.

Heating with heat from the air

An air/water heat pump from CTA is installed on the roof of each building. It extracts heat from the air to heat the buildings and produce hot water. For the underfloor heating, the ambient heat is heated to a low temperature of up to 35 °C using the heat pump. The hot water is heated to 40 - 60 °C in the boiler as required before being fed into the water pipes and into the house.

The heat pump used

One Aeroheat Inverta SCI air/water heat pump from CTA is used per building. This heat pump, developed and produced in Münsingen, is extremely quiet, versatile and easy to install. It is suitable for new builds and renovations. It is ideal in cities and wherever space is limited and noise emissions need to be minimised.


The heat pump in use

  • Heating output range (product range): 8.7 - 25.1 kW

  • Very energy efficient

  • Quiet in operation

  • Space-saving compact design

Two types of air source heat pump

Air source heat pumps are installed on building exteriors or interiors. External units like this one in "Les Rives de Bramois" have a pipe that leads to the inside. Internal units require two air ducts: one to draw in the air, and another to release it back into the environment.

More about the heat pump types

In safe hands

Choosing a CTA heat pump means opting for a high-quality, durable product. Even though heat pumps are generally considered low-maintenance, regular servicing and checks are required to maintain their perfect and low-cost performance in the long run. For newly installed heat pumps, experts recommend taking out our “CTAplus” extended warranty. This comprehensive protection offers cover for up to 12 years from commissioning. Alternatively, or even after the “CTAplus” expires, we offer a flat-rate service contract that we, a family-run company with Swiss-based production, offer for all heat pumps.

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  • Installation and planning: Roman SA, Saxon

  • Heat pump-Supplier: CTA AG, Münsingen


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