Our authorised service partners

We work with various service partners who look after your CTA heat pump together with us. They are all familiar to us and are regularly trained by us to provide you with a high quality service.

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  • AIVLATEC AG, Fernando Matossi, www.aivlatec.ch

  • AIVLATEC AG, Sacha Zimmermann, www.aivlatec.ch

  • Frigus Klima und Kälte AG, Marco Nigg,  www.frigus.ch

  • Frigus Klima und Kälte AG, Michael Suter,  www.frigus.ch

  • Frigus Klima und Kälte AG, Thomas Aregger,  www.frigus.ch

  • MawaTherm AG, Florian Margelisch, www.mawatherm.ch

  • Milo Serhatec AG, Stojadin Milosevic, www.mserhatec.ch 


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