Maximum comfort with less energy

When an architect and a building services technician build their own home, the result is a modern construction using the best possible building technology. Overall, the family needs a lot less energy for living. And what they do need is fully sourced from nature.

A model for future living

This newly built detached house in Lommiswil, Solothurn, is a model for energy-efficient living and was awarded the Swiss Solar Prize in 2015: The timber construction bears the Minergie A label. The main rooms are south-facing and passive solar energy heats the house. To avoid wasting any energy unnecessarily, there are only small glazed surfaces on the north-facing side of the house. The roof-integrated solar panel provides more power than the family needs.

Using waste kitchen heat

The geothermal heat pump from CTA heats the living spaces using energy from the ground. Another brilliant feature is how the hot water is treated: For this, the family uses waste heat from the fridge and cooker, which is converted in a CTA heat pump/boiler. The house is ventilated automatically and using heat recovery. Thanks to its energy-efficient household devices and LED lighting, it boasts a total energy use of only around 6,500 kWh/annum.


In brief

  • Minergie A timber new build

  • Energy reference area of 186 m2

  • Optiheat all-in-one geothermal heat pump with free cooling

  • Heat pump boiler for hot water with 270-litre storage volume


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