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    Heat pumps – heat and cool using natural energy

    Say goodbye to fossil fuels. Heat pumps are the most economical and environmentally friendly solution for domestic comfort. Our heat pumps sustainably and efficiently cool your home during the summer and heat it during the winter. Heat pumps also use energy from the ground, water or the air.


    With a CTA heat pump, you really can’t go wrong


    Environmentally friendly thanks to extremely low CO₂ emissions


    Durable, economical heating systems


    Technology for the future


    High-quality heat pumps


    Developed and manufactured in Switzerland


    Regional service

    Advantages of CTA

    You can make a decision in full knowledge of all the facts. As a Swiss, family-run business and heat pump specialist with more than 40 years of experience in sustainable and advanced heating technology, we are able to comprehensibly advise, support and supply our customers: from selecting the right heat pump to personalised service and maintenance from our customer service team. We are there for you.

    Not all heat pumps are created equal

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    There are three types of heat pumps: air source, ground source and water source. The operating principle is the same for all three. Heat pumps differ only in where they get their heating energy from. Which heat pump makes the most sense for your home not only depends on the financial aspects, but also on the technical and structural options.

    More on heat pump types

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