With a special Minergie-standard glazing system

In their new headquarters, the family business swissFineLine, based in Langnau, have architecturally created a sense of boundless freedom and openness. The air conditioning for the glazed building comes from CTA.

The family business swissFineLine, located in Langnau in the Emmental valley, has fulfilled its desire for maximum transparency and a limitless living experience. It specialises in glass architecture. During the new-build construction of its own headquarters, it therefore made use of some of its own creations, such as the glazing system and the façade system with triple thermal insulating glass. By doing so, the Minergie standard was achieved. The premises are air-conditioned using CTA air conditioning units.

Discreet air conditioning

An inverter VRF system creates a pleasant ambiance. A particular feature of this system is the location of the external units. The external units are placed in specially designed niches, which are protected from the elements through weatherproofing. The external units are therefore not visible to anyone looking at the building from the outside.

Another special feature is the versatility of the various internal units. From ceiling-mounted cassette units to recessed ceiling and wall-mounted units via standard wall-mounted units, the entire range has been rolled out here.

The desire for maximum transparency is visible in the architecture of the new build.
Thanks to a parent-child external unit, the inverter VRF split air conditioning unit covers a wide performance range.


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