CTA ensures cool heads in the Northern Federal Parliament building

In the Federal Parliament building in Bern, custom CTA chillers also ensure pleasant room temperatures on hot days. The modern cooling solutions, which were implemented as part of comprehensive redevelopment works, integrate perfectly into the historic building and prove their worth through their operational efficiency and low energy consumption.

In brief

  • Renovation of building technology in the listed building

  • Eastern Federal Parliament building: cooling for the IT and data centre, as well as air conditioning with two separate, mutually independent cold water networks

  • Northern Federal Parliament building: a chiller using the hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) refrigerant

Heritage conservation requires experience

The redevelopment of listed buildings and the renovation of building technology place high demands on all the companies involved. Cooling technology, which is usually entirely absent from historic buildings and now has to be installed separately, is therefore required. For effective cooling solutions in historic buildings, customised systems are therefore needed—as well as extensive experience of challenging environments.

BBL_25_1701_AF265_by Alexander Gempeler Fotografie_2000x1499
Recooler housed in compliance with listed building regulations

Eastern Federal Parliament building

Cooling for the IT and data centre, as well as air conditioning with two separate, mutually independent cold water networks:

  • Cooling the technical and server rooms using two chillers, each with a 143 kW cooling capacity and a 6.36 energy efficiency rating (EER)

  • Responsible for air conditioning the offices, the other chiller is equipped with four scroll compressors and a total cooling capacity of 130 kW (EER 4.25).

  • Recooler placed discreetly and out of sight within the historic building.

Northern Federal Parliament building

Chiller using HFO refrigerant and a 63.6 kW cooling capacity, EER 4.4


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