Energy-efficient leisure experience at the Silvretta Thermal Baths

The Silvretta Thermal Baths in Ischgl set new standards, both in terms of the experience it offers and in terms of building technology. The construction and its operation should be as energy-efficient and sustainable as possible. CTA’s heat pumps also play an important role.
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The new Silvretta Thermal Baths in Ischgl. CTA heat pumps add to the spa experience.

Bathing, wellness, ice skating, or culinary delights – the new Silvretta Thermal Baths in Ischgl, a leisure centre of superlatives, opened its doors in December 2022. Right from the start, both construction and operation of the Silvretta Thermal Baths aimed to be as energy-efficient and sustainable as possible. The total investment amounted to around 75 million euros, creating around 80 additional year-round jobs at this tourist hot spot in the mountains.

Three energy sources

During the planning stage of the building complex, which has an area of around 75,000 m3, special emphasis was placed on efficient insulation and the heat recovery system. Waste heat from cold production for the artificial ice rink is used to heat the building and the pools. In fact, there are several heat sources, i.e. waste heat, groundwater and geothermal energy. The entire system comprises 37 geothermal probes of 290 linear meters each and a dedicated new groundwater well.

Optimal interplay

A sophisticated regulatory and control system, as well as a source and heating storage tank, ensure efficient use of the three heat sources. Each heat pump draws its energy from the source tank or the groundwater and uses it to raise the temperature to the consumer-specific level. Heat from heating storage tank is used in two ways, that is to heat the building via underfloor heating and other heat distribution systems, and to serve as a source for the Optialtum heat pumps, which heat the water for hot water usage to even higher temperatures of up to 75 °C.

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Silvretta Therme,Building owner

Heat recovery as a key component

For us, it’s a matter of using existing energy in a sensible way. That’s why we’re particularly proud of using the waste heat from the artificial ice production, the cooling systems, and the heat recovery systems to heat the building and the pools.

The heat pumps on site

Nine CTA heat pumps deliver the right temperature throughout the Silvretta Thermal Baths. They include two Optialtum groundwater heat pumps to generate high flow temperatures of up to 78 °C. With that, the legal requirements for domestic hot water temperatures and protection against legionella are easily met. This dual-level, speed-regulated heat pump enables demand-driven heat generation through two separate cooling circuits. The other seven heat pumps are Optipro models, which use energy from the ground, groundwater, or waste heat. Their two separate cooling circuits and dual-level operation deliver high performance with a small footprint. As a result, they take up relatively little space in the utility room.


The heat pumps on site

  • 2 Optialtum OA I HT 2-66e water/water heat pumps

  • 3 Optipro 230ed water/water heat pumps

  • 4 Optipro 230ed brine/water heat pumps

Long-standing partnership

As a family-run company, CTA is dedicated to sustainability – a focus that includes its cooperation with long-standing partners. The Silvretta Thermal Baths project is but one of several implemented by CTA teaming with SIKO GmbH and Stiefmüller Hohenauer and Partner GmbH. The close collaboration and comprehensive technical know-how of all those involved were decisive for the success of this project.


  • Sales Partner of CTA: SIKO GmbH, Jenbach AT

  • Planning: SHP Stiefmüller Hohenauer & Partner GmbH, Kundl AT

  • Installation: Luzian Bouvier Haustechnik und Fliesen GmbH, Zams AT

  • Heat pump-Supplier: CTA AG, Münsingen CH

Silvrettaseilbahn AG_Kuerzi221206-1222_hires
Two high-temperature heat pumps from CTA provide hot water.

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