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It doesn’t matter how demanding your requests are, we transform them into concrete solutions. We design, build and test custom-made chillers and heat pumps in Münsingen. Our products are available with a power range between 6 and 5000 kW, installed inside or water-cooled or air-cooled and with refrigerants such as propane, HFO or ammonia.

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Do you have special requirements regarding installation, dimensions, components, flow temperatures, output or energy efficiency? Then we recommend our custom-made CTAexklusive units. Our CTAexklusive team has over 30 years of experience in development, planning, production and service. 

Our CTAexklusiv references


Sustainable energy supply for historic building

The site of today’s industrial park “The Valley” is located where the legendary Maggi stock cubes were once produced. From autumn 2023, the historic buildings will be sustainably heated and cooled using energy from the air. The key components are four custom-made, reversible chillers/industrial heat pumps.

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CO₂-neutral at 2,100 metres above sea level

Can a building at more than 2,000 metres above sea level be heated in a CO₂-neutral way? The Pro Natura Aletsch Centre in Riederalp puts this to the test and proves that it can. Air/water source heat pumps from CTA play a key role in this process. The power comes from a self-powered photovoltaic system.

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Heat for sustainable shrimp farming

With a CTAexklusiv industrial heat pump, the energy supplier AEW Energie AG uses the waste heat from salt production at the Riburg salt mine for the Rheinfelden Rüchi heating network. A major consumer of the heat is the nearby SwissShrimp AG shrimp farm.

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High-performance air/water

530kW air source heating capacity for Basel

In 2018, Basel City energy provider IWB installed two custom-made, high-temperature air/water source heat pumps from CTA, with a total heating capacity of 530 kW, in the St Jakob heating network. These replaced a natural gas-powered combined heat and power unit (CHP) and contributed to the further reduction of CO2 emissions from the heat supply in Basel.

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District heating network

Heat from groundwater heats the Champagne district of Biel

Four-fifths of the energy for heating and hot water in the Champagne district of Biel comes from renewable sources. What makes this possible are two high-performance heat pumps from CTA, which feed the district heating network with heat from the groundwater.

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CTA Kundenmagazin CTA Avance

CTA provides biting cold on the Jungfraujoch

Every day, up to 5,000 people visit the ice palace on the Jungfraujoch. The heat input, which “heats up” this tourist attraction of pure ice, is correspondingly high. Two new, customised chillers from CTA provide essential cooling for the ice cave and have significantly reduced the energy input required.

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Heritage conservation

CTA ensures cool heads in the Northern Federal Parliament building

In the Federal Parliament building in Bern, custom CTA chillers also ensure pleasant room temperatures on hot days. The modern cooling solutions, which were implemented as part of comprehensive redevelopment works, integrate perfectly into the historic building and prove their worth through their operational efficiency and low energy consumption.

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University Hospital

Expanding cold generation at the University Hospital of Bern

Hospitals must be able to rely on the safe cooling of equipment and rooms. The University Hospital of Bern, for example, relies on a customised CTA chiller for their expanded cooling system. This operates using the environmentally friendly hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) refrigerant and produces reliable cooling for a number of hospital buildings, with an output of around 1.6 MW.

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Knie’s Children’s Zoo

Knie’s Children’s Zoo with new cooling technology for high temperatures

The elephant house and restaurant of the Knie’s Children’s Zoo in Rapperswil are heated using the high-temperature heat pump CTAexklusiv. Water from Lake Zurich is used as a heat source.

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Pruegli_Produktion_Maestrani AG Flawil
Precision control

Maestrani in Flawil using modernised cooling technology

The chocolate manufacturer Maestrani is investing in the future and modernising its production. Customised CTAexklusiv chillers contribute to making even higher-quality chocolate. Using these chillers, a temperature range of 5 to 70 degrees Celsius can be produced—precisely and in an energy-efficient manner.

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