A high-potential energy source

Data centres should achieve as much as possible with as little energy as possible in as environmentally friendly a way as possible. Refrigeration technology offers solutions – our experts show you how.

Pathways to an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly data centre

  • Generation of heat up to 105 °C

  • Energy source for heat networks and industrial companies

  • Use of natural refrigerants 

Data centre efficiency and sustainability 

More and more data centres are taking care of ever more digital data. The Swiss Federal Office of Energy expects the electricity demand of Swiss data centres to double in the next five years. An extremely low power demand is therefore key to efficient and environmentally friendly cooling. Ideally, the waste heat generated by cooling the data centres should be used to heat buildings. 

Generation of heat up to 105 °C 

The waste heat generated when cooling server rooms is pure energy. It can be a valuable heat source to heat entire neighbourhoods or a larger building. This is where our heat pumps come in by supplying hot water flow temperatures of up to 105 °C. Such high temperatures are fit for everything from district heating networks to industrial processes. 

Natural refrigerants 

Next to economic considerations, the ecological aspect is becoming increasingly important. In addition to HFO, natural refrigerants such as propane, ammonia or isobutane are increasingly being used for air conditioning in data centres. While producing no greenhouse effect, natural refrigerants are more expensive than synthetic refrigerants. Here it is important to weigh things up holistically. 

Christoph Brechbühler CTA
Christoph Brechbühler,Concept Engineer

Using energy instead of wasting it

It is an absolute waste of energy to simply release the waste heat from data centres into the environment through free cooling cycles instead of making use of it. With a view to the energy transition and achieving the net zero target by 2050, we simply cannot afford to waste heat.

Thoughts on ecological data centres

Read the interview with Christoph Brechbühler


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