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As a Swiss, family-run business with more than 40 years of experience in sustainable and advanced heating technology, we are able to comprehensibly advise, support and supply you as a trade partner.

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We supply brine/water, water/water and air/water heat pumps. Our geothermal domestic heat pumps have a power range between 2 and 300 kW, our indoor or outdoor air/water heat pumps 2 to 45 kW heating power. We guarantee the quality of our high-quality products with up to twelve years.

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CTA heat pump control by app

Help your customers install the right app for their CTA heat pump. Ask your customers to come here and find the step-by-step instructions for installing the app.

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Domestic heat pumps references

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Living in and with nature

Eleven buildings with a total of 110 flats. This is "Les Rives de Bramois" in Sion. Remarkably, the buildings only account for 20% of the site area. The remaining 80% are sustainable green spaces and places for non-motorised traffic.

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Oil tanks are out; air source heat pumps are in

Owing to his job at Swisshaus, the owner had already established an interest in heating technology as part of the energy transition. Now, he’s also taken this home with him. The oil heating system gave way to an external air source heat pump from CTA.

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New building

Energy-efficient leisure experience at the Silvretta Thermal Baths

The Silvretta Thermal Baths in Ischgl set new standards, both in terms of the experience it offers and in terms of building technology. The construction and its operation should be as energy-efficient and sustainable as possible. CTA’s heat pumps also play an important role.

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New building

Air source heat pump for an apartment house

The new, quiet, high-performance heat pump from CTA is an ideal fit for the linear architectural style of this new apartment house with view over Lake Thun.

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Renovation with ground-source heat pump

Renewable heating in a heritage-protected building

The Schenini family lives in a sustainably inhabited house. Sustainable, because this timber-framed building has allowed people to live here for generations. It is now also heated sustainably: the old oil-fired heating system has been replaced by a CTA ground-source heat pump.

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CO₂-neutral at 2,100 metres above sea level

Can a building at more than 2,000 metres above sea level be heated in a CO₂-neutral way? The Pro Natura Aletsch Centre in Riederalp puts this to the test and proves that it can. Air/water source heat pumps from CTA play a key role in this process. The power comes from a self-powered photovoltaic system.

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Harvesting air as a pair

In this farmhouse, the existing oil-fired heating system was replaced with two interconnected air/water source heat pumps using the natural refrigerant propane. The building owner is now happy to be able to heat the farmhouse using sustainable energy and an environmentally friendly refrigerant.

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12 opinions, one solution

Using a clever redevelopment strategy, the owner of the “Alte Schmitte” development in Lohn-Ammannsegg replaced the power-hungry electric heaters of the 1980s with efficient and economical geothermal heat pumps from CTA. Each flat now has a heat pump that is roughly the size of a wardrobe. For heating and hot water, these use heat from a geothermal probe field common to each building.

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Making new from old

In 2018, a 40-year-old family home was entirely renovated to Minergie-standard. The major components for the completely new building services include an air/water source heat pump, a roof-integrated photovoltaic system and comfort ventilation.

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A good solution in the Alpine region

To generate sustainable energy and heat, the Hotel Grimsel Passhöhe relies on an air/water source heat pump from CTA, which operates using power from the hotel’s own roof-mounted photovoltaic system and thus uses virtually 100 percent of the heat from renewable energies.

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